Oral Care Products

Sima Inc., is the official sales representative of a number of European brands in Iran, offering premium quality oral hygiene products to our valued Iranian customers.


Dental Products

Sima Inc, provides premium quality durable dental equipment, and  medical supplies.


Who We Are

Sima Inc., is a privately-held company specializes in brand and export management.

Sima Inc., is the distribution arm of a number of Intl. brands in Iran.

Our Vision

In order to meet the consumer expectations and fill up the invisible gap between the customers and industry, Sima Inc. is consistently researching and investing on products and services that not only add value to the lives of the consumers but also encourages us to strengthen our business goals and bring a change in society.

We are completely driven by our mission­

that has always been guided by the company vision, business values and ethics. We make sure that the best of the products is always offered to the clients that are the results of technology and human resources.

At Sima Inc, we are not only focused on bringing a change with technology but are also committed towards the society and its people to bring a remarkable change through our social responsibility.

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Food & Beverages

Sima Inc.,  is a wholesale distributor of food & beverage products serving Iran. We provide specialized food distribution services. Sima Inc., is the official distributor for a number of international food and beverages brands in Iran.

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HVAC and Air Conditioner

Sima Inc.,  is a full-service wholesale distributor and manufacturers representative of residential and light commercial heating and air-conditioning in Iran.

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